Tomei Expreme Ti Decat Pipe Evo X/Ralliart
Tomei Expreme Ti Decat Pipe Evo X/Ralliart

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Vendor: TOMEI


The Tomei Expreme Titanium decat pipe is the perfect compliment to the Tomei titanium exhaust, ensuring more efficient exhaust flow for higher performance.

  • Designed for race use only, may not be suitable on the road due to changes in emissions
  • High quality titanium construction with 1mm wall thickness
  • Weighs just 1.1kg compared to the standard 6.75kg catalytic converter
  • 80mm diameter compared to standard 60.5mm
  • Designed to minimise exhaust disruption with multiple welded bends
  • Includes all parts as pictured, including gasket, stickers, etc.