Engine Dyno Tuning Services

With more then 20 years of experience at RP Motorsports working with many makes and models we can cater tuning services to your needs,whether it may be OEM ECU tuning or aftermarket ECU we can tune it!!


With experience working with brands such as:-

  • Haltech / MoTec / EMS / Autronic and more...


Authorised Dealers and Installers for:-

  • SYVECS / LINK / MicroTech 


Tuning Services for OEM ECU using:-

  • ECUFlash - Mitsubishi Evolution
  • HP Tuners - LS and Various other models
  • RS Runing - Renault Tuning


Specialisng in Mitsubishi Evo 4B platform we have tuned street, Track and Drag with cars that hold records in several areas.


Mazda Rotary Tuning Services using Microtech, Haltech and Fuel tech also with proven cars on Street, Track and Drag with 2/3/4 rotor engines.


Carburettor tuning for all 4 / 6 / 8 cylinder cars.


Experience with tuning on most available race fuels from VP Brands , Ethanol, Alcohol and Methanol.


Wiring Services also available using Race Grade MilSpec wiring.


Dyno Services we use the Dyno Dynamics 4WD rolling road dyno.


*Dyno Hire Services are also available for hourly or day rates for clubs or private tuning.