Ohlins R&T Coilover System Evo X
Ohlins R&T Coilover System Evo X

Vendor: OHLINS


Congratulations all EVO 10 owners, now you have the chance of boosting your performance and road handling without loosing out on the comfort when you commute to work.

So what is DFV? It is Duel Flow Valve technology-and it sets it apart from all other competitors. Only Ohlins has DFV technology on its road and track products.

With DFV, the duel flow valve gives the same characteristics on rebound as it does on compression, thanks to the damper fluid having a constant path of flow in both directions. This means that the wheel and tyre can quickly and effectively resume their important position back on the ground, providing grip and traction. The new Ohlins Road and Track technology on every single fitment, making it  the perfect upgrade for the enthusiast that needs comfort and agility in the one unit. The Road and Track McPherson struts also feature camber adjustable upper and lower mounts to give you the possibility to fine tune your wheels for the right occasion-whether you want to go for a ride in your neighbourhood or take your car for a spin on the track on the weekend.