Nitto 2.2L Stroker Kit Evo X
Nitto 2.2L Stroker Kit Evo X

Vendor: NITTO


NITTO’s 4B11 Stroker kits consist of an increased stroke crankshaft made from solid 4340 billet steel, 4340 one piece forged billet steel I-beam connecting rods and unique JE/Nitto forged piston set along with upgraded thick wall gudgeon pins and premium ring sets. Engine capacity is increased from 2.0ltr to 2.2ltr which provides more power and torque throughout the RPM range. All components have been meticulously machined to exacting tolerances and the highest standards. All Nitto stroker kits are far superior to the cheaper manufactured kits currently available that consist of cast forged crankshafts and high silicone content pistons

NITTO’s 4B11 Stroker kits are designed for use in all motorsport classifications including drag racing, drifting and circuit racing. Rotational capability is lifted to 10,000+ RPM and power handling is rated to 1100 HP *. The changed harmonics due to the crankshaft material and design results in a much “freer revving” more balanced engine.

Continuous testing and development has allowed us to design a kit with extreme strength whilst retaining a sensible reciprocating mass weight.

Available in 2 configurations with H-beam or I-beam con rods.


4340 Grade Billet Steel

Fully Counter Weighted

Nitrided Finish

Fully Balanced


4340 Grade Billet Steel

Optional H-Beam or I-Beam

Quality ARP 2000 Series Bolts

Optional ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Series Bolts


JE / NITTO Produced Quality

Forged T6 2816 Alloy

Low Silicone Content

Contact Reduction Grooves

Accumulator Groove

9310 Nickel/Carbon Alloy Pins

JE Pro Seal Premium Ring Sets