The LTC Logger Dash looks identical and shares some of the same features as the LTC Display Dash, however the logging version has an inbuilt 16meg memory chip, capable of logging up to 32 channels of data at rates of up to 1000 times/second.

The logged data is stored to the onboard memory chip, which can then be downloaded directly to the laptop for viewing and analysis, using the MicroTech Dash Manager Software.

The 16meg memory chip can store up to approx 1 hour of data (dependent on number of channels being logged and sample rates). Dimensions are; 108mm width, 91.35mm height, 20.35mm depth.

Some features of the LTC Logger Dash include:

  • High speed logging via CAN connection to MicroTech ECU
  • High speed USB port for fast data downloads direct to laptop
  • Touch screen full colour anti-glare display
  • Rugged aluminium billet case with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Real time display of all engine parameters
  • User selectable display screens to monitor the data of your choice via the touch screen or remote push button
  • Compatible with all MicroTech “C” series CAN ECU’s via simple plug & play connection
  • Built in 3 Axis G meter
  • User adjustable bright LED shift lights
  • User adjustable bright LED engine warning lights for each sensor
  • Setting of all limits & functions done via the touch screen menu
  • Road speed display via GPS (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • Circuit racing GPS lap timer (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • Drag racing ¼ mile ET & MPH timer (using GPS & CAN Hub option)
  • Expandable for use with MicroTech CAN add on devices, such as; data logging sensor module, flex fuel module, EGT module & Lambda AFR module

The LTC logger dash unit comes complete with; dash unit, billet mounting bracket and all necessary wiring.