As Microtech's flagship model, the LT-16C is more than just your average engine management system with years of R&D and track testing behind it's inception. The LT-16C is equipped with a long list of features and capabilities that rival its competitors whilst still retaining Microtech's ease of installation and tunability as well as competitive pricing.

The ECU comes out of the box with eight injector and ignition outputs and is capable of working with most engines up to 16 cylinders and 4 rotors as well as supporting most factory ignition systems such as multi coil and distributor equipped setups. It also supports most popular aftermarket ignition systems.

Key Features:

  • 8 Injector Inputs Standard
  • 8 Ignition Inputs Standard
  • CAN Output Equipped compatible with PCS, Racepak & Motec dash loggers
  • Compatible with sequential injection on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines as well as 2, 3 and 4 rotor Mazda rotary engines
  • Compatible with direct fire ignition for engines up to 8 cylinders or 4 rotors, or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 16 cylinders.
  • Factory preset to your engine combo with base startup map pre-installed
  • Data-Logging (Laptop logging) enabled as standard (100 times/second sampling rate) with on-board ECU logging available as an optional upgrade
  • 4 Maps saveable to Microtech Laptop Adapter or Microtech Handset
  • 1 Year Warranty