EVO X MR Viton Internal Clutch Basket Seals
EVO X MR Viton Internal Clutch Basket Seals


South Side Performance technicians have an extensive background in working with the internals of the Miusbubishi Evo X MR transmission. SSP has been working hand in hand with several aftermarket performance companies to upgrade the SST transmission.

The SST transmission has been plagued with an internal clutch basket sealing problem. The oem seals are prone to leak under high temps, and begin loosing pressure between shifts. This problem leads to clutch unclamping and miss shift issues.

SSP has solved some of these issues with the developement of our high temp. VITON seals. SSP has replicated the oem pistons A, and B, which uses a heavier gauge material in conjunction with a high quality VITON seal. This will insure the proper seal under even the most sever loads and driving conditions.

Viton Seal Specs:

    • Heat resistant up to 450F

    • Works in temps down to -60F

    • Resists hardening

    • Resists to all types of oils

  • 0 pressure loss