EVO Titan Series Front Mount Transmission Cooler EVO X/RALLIART


NEW SST Transmission Cooler (New updates allow for use on all SST and Ralliart models 2008-2015) New Updates to this product:

New Relay Wiring Kit
New 3.0 gpm Stealth Black Pump
New Premade Hoses

Updated Low Profile Transmission Fitting for 2010+ models. Everything you need to go racing is included and is guaranteed to keep your transmission cooler than any other on the market.

This is a complete bolt-on package, which includes the following components:

1) Setrab cooler and Spal/ shroud fan assembly
1) SSP High capacity oil pump assembly
2) 22mm to 16mm reducer fittings
2) 16mm to -8AN male fittings
4) 16mm x 1.5 banjo bolts
4) Copper washers
1) Cooler assembly mounting template
3) Pre-made -8AN with AN swivel fittings
2) Pump with -8AN fittings installed
1) Power wire/fuse holder
1) 30 amp fuse
4) 6mm x 1.25 x 16mm bolts
4) 6mm x 1.25 Teflon locking nuts
4) Self-tapping pump mounting screws
2) -8AN to 16mm transmission adapters (steel)
6) Zip ties


With JDM front bumper mounting hardware (Right Hand Drive Only)