Cusco Street A ‘Aus Spec’ Coilover Kit Evo X
Cusco Street A ‘Aus Spec’ Coilover Kit Evo X

Vendor: CUSCO


The STREET-A series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while enabling damper adjustability. The newly developed 40 way damper adjustable shock absorber system enables a wide range of suspension setting suitable for virtually any given road condition. *8 way rear dampers on selected models.

This suspension coilover is perfect for those who want a wide range of shock dampening adjustment but do not often take their vehicles to the race track. The standard coilover design enables this kit to be priced significantly lower than our full height adjustable systems.

Combined with the ECON2 unit (sold separately), the damper rate can be adjusted from the drivers seat with a single touch of a button. Factory upper mounts are re-used for those who prefer comfort, or Cusco pillowball upper mounts (sold separately) can be incorporated into the kit for more adjustment capabilities and direct road feedback.