Cusco Sport Zero-3S Aus Spec Coilovers Evo X
Cusco Sport Zero-3S Aus Spec Coilovers Evo X

Vendor: CUSCO


CUSCO ZERO-3 series suspension coilover kits designed for sport and competition Enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy the ZERO 3 series, from a daily driven street vehicle (ZERO 3S) to a motivated track enthusiast (ZERO 3) to the die hard circuit animal (ZERO 3X)!

The ZERO 3 series have been tested and proven in a wide range of professional motorsports and all 100% designed and made in Japan.

The ZERO-3 Coilovers are made to order, so please allow 2 weeks to manufacture plus shipping from Japan.

  • Shock Absorber: Fr. 24-Way / Rr.. 24-Way Adjustable, Mono Tube (High Volume)
  • Ride Height Adjustment Type: Full-length Adjustable / Full-length Adjustable
  • Upper Mount: Pillow/Adj. & Rubber/Rigid
  • Spring Rate Setup (kgf/mm): 9/7
  • Lowdown Setup (kgf/mm): -45 / -40
  • Ride Height Setup Range (kgf/mm): -60 / 0 & -60 / 0
  • Height Adjust Range (kgf/mm): – & –
  • Overhaul: Yes
  • Optional Spring Rate Front (kgf/mm): 7/8/10/11/12
  • Optional Spring Rate Rear (kgf/mm): 6/8/9/10
  • E-Con 2: No
  • E-Con 2 Part Number: 
  • Optional Damping Force Adjusting Dial: Yes (P/N: 00B 6CS AJ05R-00)
  • Optional Damping Force Adjusting Cable: 
  • Vehicle Details: AWD