PWR Intercooler 68mm (2.5" Outlets) fits Mazda RX2-RX7 S3
PWR Intercooler 68mm (2.5" Outlets) fits Mazda RX2-RX7 S3

Vendor: PWR


  • PWR Intercooler 68mm (2.5" Outlets)
  • Mazda RX2-RX7 S3
  • Combination of high-tech engineering and hand crafting
  • Ideal as an upgrade on your factory parts

The combination of forward-thinking design choices, state-of-the-art engineering processes, and rigorous testing ensure that every PWR intercooler is a worthwhile upgrade for your vehicle.

Like all of PWR's innovative Intercoolers, the PWR Intercooler is designed to prioritise efficiency of design to give you that extra edge in terms of vehicle performance. The hand-manufacturing process ensures that each component has the touch of expert craftsmanship, while PWR's high-tech facility ensures precision in every facet of design. This intercooler fits the Mazda RX2-RX7 S3.

Please note: PWR products are made to order and can take up to 10 working days to manufacture from time of order.