GFB Mach 2 BOV Evo 10/RA
GFB Mach 2 BOV Evo 10/RA

Vendor: GFB


The Mach 2 is configured as a 100% recirculating valve (i.e. bypass, plumb back) and add on kits are also available to convert to 100% atmosphere venting. Use the recirc model for direct factory replacement when you want the performance WITHOUT the noise! Add the conversion kit when you want some noise with your performance!

The Mach 2 is the simple & essential mod for 30% quicker boost. It utilizes proven TMS technology to ensure dependable boost holding and optimum throttle response.

If you don’t need the patented venting bias adjustment feature of the Respons or Deceptor Pro, the Mach 2 is the answer.